Some Stuff

So, I’ve had some personal stuff going on since the beginning of the year. It has been highly distracting and it’s something that I have caused. While I don’t see it as all my fault, I realize now that I wasn’t seeing the situation in the appropriate way, thus causing even more pain recently. That’s why there’s a “Writings” section now. Everything that shows up there was written post-event, so they all still mean something to me. There is still quite a lot that isn’t there, but may show up someday. I may also elaborate someday, but I’m still way too close to the situation for that to be plausible right now

In other news, I’m still practicing drumming, but due to said personal stuff have been putting it off. It also seems like WMG is cracking down on covers of their music, so that news makes me a liar. I will probably have to change up the list. Oh well

Procrastination No More!

Quick Update:

I let procrastination get the better of me over the past couple months. The second session of recording did get corrupted and I let that get to me. I recently read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and that helped me put what I want to do in perspective. I'm done making excuses and the filming is done for the next four songs in my mini-series here. I purchased the 2018 version of my editing software (MAGIX Movie Edit Pro) so the processing power is finally lag-free. Editing is underway and I plan on releasing the videos over the next week or so. Here's to a productive 2018!


It's Time to Get Serious

That's not a joke. I'm truly getting serious about posting more drum videos and my thoughts on music. About a year and a half ago I purchased a GoPro Hero 4 after my best friend Jason got me an earlier model (actually not sure what it is exactly). I released some WWE covers that Halloween but haven't done anything since. Recently I purchased two more Hero 4's and a couple mics (snare and overhead) to beef up my sound. I have let myself become too complacent and it's time to make and push out some content. I even recorded something earlier. Here's a preview:


I have a little mini-series planned that is five songs long. I want to record them over the next couple days and start uploading within a week. Let's do this!