This Chapter Ends
by Lawrence Engels II

This is my story and it's time to end a chapter
To put it lightly, it's had its peaks and valleys
Then again, nine years is a long damn time

While I don't regret such a long extended stay
The past six months have only brought pain

Thank you for the experience
If I hadn't gone through it all, I wouldn't be where I am today
I wouldn't have grown like I have this year alone

I learned a lot
I met some great people
I wouldn't have survived without you
I will miss you

But not this place
While those good memories hold a dear place in my heart
The negative thoughts simply hurt too much right now

With time, they will fade
But every moment I'm here
I feel like I get reset
And the wounds become fresh again

I need space
I need an escape
I am closing this chapter
To begin the next