by Lawrence Engels II

The clouds are rolling in,
I see them on the horizon
The sky begins to fade,
All vision darkens

No matter how long the sun shines,
A storm will always come
How you deal with that is important,
Here is my new rule of thumb

Instead of cursing the rain,
Praise the calm it brings
Instead of cowering from the lightning,
Embrace the thunder it sings

Yes, the storm is here,
And it may be here awhile
But that's okay
Since I have this new lifestyle

I choose to be my own source of happiness
I choose to let things go, as hard as that may be
I choose to be in control of my emotions
I choose to concentrate on me

There are times where I'll fall back
To how I acted before
But I know that's okay
Since the wind cannot blow open my door
These words mean a great deal to me:
Don't let other people be your thunderstorm