By Lawrence Engels II

All this time,
All this time
I thought I was concerned for you
I thought I was trying to fix everything

I was wrong
I didn’t realize
All my thoughts centered around me
Yes, my feelings are important
Fuck me though, I didn’t consider yours

I wanted to apologize
I thought to make you feel better
I realized that no
It was so I could feel better

What if you just wanted to be left alone?
Why do I always realize this shit when it’s too late?
Why am I so goddamn selfish?
Am I capable of making good decisions?

I thought I learned the real lesson before
Nope, that was only a speed bump on my path
What I realized today breaks my heart

I simply didn’t get it
I didn’t understand
It’s too late, but I know now

I ruined it all
I know it means nothing now
But I’m truly sorry
I was wrong about everything
I’ll silently exit now