Digital Video Production

In the Spring of 2010, I took a class called Digital Video Production with professor Kyle Kondas.  If I remember correctly, this is one of the few if not only class I coordinated to take with friends.  This was also one of the only classes I took that was in our Mac lab.  Just for reference, since I don't think I have any pictures, the old ATEC building has two main computer labs when you enter:  PC on the left (North) and Mac on the right (South).

Assignment 1
Shot Types


Jordan's Drunk Walk
Raw Footage

Jordan was sad that I edited out her drunk walk.  I did what I could with the time constraints but sadly most of it was cut.  Well, I found the original footage so here it is.

We did most our editing with Final Cut Pro, which I really enjoyed using.  I wish I had a Mac just for Final Cut but oh well, maybe in the future.  I forget exactly what the requirements for Assignment 2 were, but I remember it essentially was make a video with clear flow from multiple shots.  Sadly, I forgot about the assignment until the last minute so I shot all the footage with my digital camera, not the fancy new ones the school acquired.

Assignment 2

Shout out to Surprise Kitty!

Assignment three is actually very related to the popular culture of the time.  James Cameron's Avatar had just come out a few months back and had already set box office records.  Kyle decided to base this interview assignment on said records and what people thought of them.  Of course, in a room of thirty college students, there were quite a few perverted vids.  Some were alluding to bestiality and others were about weird sex things, but I knew that was going to happen.  So I decided to avoid the subject completely (I was considering doing a question or two on the subject but scrapped that idea).  The three people I interviewed were my best friend Jason Howard, good friend Taylor North (Sarah introduced me to him if I remember correctly) and Sarah's future husband and Rock Band drummer Calin Scoggins.  Jason also wanted to keep his antics off the Internet so for two-and-a-half years, I had this video uploaded on my CypherRahl channel but it was private.  Things are a bit different now and he agreed to let me re-upload the video on my pro channel.

Assignment 3

Next we had to compose a short biographical piece.  Many went on the path of "this is how I grew up and these are my influences and such".  I decided to show off my new-found love for drumming.  I had this drum set for maybe a couple years before this but I rarely touched it.  The Christmas prior to this semester (Christmas 2009), my parents helped me get a set of Sabian B8 cymbals.  At the time, I loved them and was proud of them.  They allowed me to do a lot more than what I had previously.  So, my bio piece is actually about what I love to do now.  By the way, I recorded the audio and video before I added the free-licensed music.  I think it works well, although it's a shame we couldn't use copyrighted music.  :(

Assignment 4
Short Bio

Our last assignment was essentially make anything you want as long as it was no longer than six minutes (I think there was a three minute minimum length, but I'm not sure anymore).  Initially I was going to do a drum cover medley but my friend Sarah came up with this Zombie thing and I joined onto that.  I need to emphasize that this whole project was her idea and she did all of the writing.  My job was to shoot footage (she shot some as well) and put together the credits.  After we had most or all of our footage and we started the massive editing process, I felt that we needed some extra humor and made the credits into a blooper reel.  All in all, I think the video came out really well.  In our next and final semester, she took her Zombie idea and made it into her Capstone project.  If you want to see that, just go to her Youtube page and watch the four-part series.  Another thing I need to emphasize, the link below to the whole video is hosted on her Youtube, not mine so drop her a comment if you watch it here.

Assignment 5
Group Project

Credits Uncensored


Credits Censored